We offer an array of furniture pieces at Ratatat. We are always changing our range and endeavour to have something for every style and occasion. 


Our home decor range is handpicked by our in house professionals and can be used in many different stylings. Our in house interior designer can work with you to suit our decor to your needs. 


Ratatat's outdoor living pieces are elegant and one of a kind. They are perfect for weddings, events and even open homes. We change our pieces seasonally so they always suit the climate and colours of Melbourne's eclectic weather. 


At Ratatat we understand how important lighting is for design and ambience, which is why we offer premium lighting options and ideas. Speak with us today about how we can tailor our lighting range to your needs.


Soft furnishings are often underrated, but we know that they play an imperative role in the design of any room. We have an array of unique designs, and can match them to your room's themes and colours. 


Ratatat offers hand painted and picked art pieces to complete your interior. Our art is contemporary and can be a perfect addition to a room's design. 


Ratatat's bespoke head pieces and hats are hand made and exceptionally unique. Specialising in race day and bridal head wear, we have a wide range of styles and colours. Designs can be made to order, or clients can choose our ready to wear options.


At Ratatat, we are passionate about fashion and modern design. We have a boutique range of state of the art fashion pieces to accompany your headwear, or to complete your outfit at your next event.